Getting Started

Welcome to Porto Joomla Theme!

We would like to thank you for purchasing Porto Joomla Theme! We are very pleased you have chosen Porto Joomla Theme(or interested in ) for your website, you will be never disappointed! Before you get started, please be sure to always check out this documentation. We outline all kinds of good information, and provide you with all the details you need to use Porto Joomla Theme. Porto can only be used with Joomla 3.x and we assume that you already have Joomla installed and ready to go.

If you are unable to find your answer here in our documentation, we encourage you to contact us through themeforest item support page with your site CPanel(or FTP) and Joomla admin details. We're very happy to help you and you will get reply from us more faster than you expected. Thank you, we hope you to enjoy using Porto Joomla Theme!

Compatible with Joomla:

Porto Joomla Theme is fully compatible with Joomla 3.3.x, 3.4.x, 3.5.x,3.6.x, and new version 3.7.

Joomla Information

To install this theme you must have a working version of Joomla already installed. If you need help installing Joomla, follow below sites and tutorials from , hope everything that you need are there.


Joomla Installation

Please refer this Installation Guide.

Theme Installation

NOTE: This process explains installing just the template in an existing Joomla website or a fresh joomla installation.
  1. Log into the back-end of your site (

    In our template package, you will find file.

    Go to Extensions -> Extension Manager .

    Select the Browse button and choose the file from your computer.

    Select the Upload & Install button.

    After a successfull installation, go to Extensions -> Template manager to access the template.

Theme Activation

Quick Start Package

Demo Installation

What is QuickStart?

  1. Quickstart package is a full website package that includes: templates, extensions, database, images ... and once you install the quickstart successfully, you will have a complete website that is exactly same as our Demo (in Quickstart, we use blank image due to copyrights).

  2. For each template, we provide multiple Quickstart packages based on its Joomla versions compatability. If a template is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x then each Joomla version will has a quickstart package.

  3. Extract the quick start zip pakage in your website root. This is either public_html or www in the hosted servers.

  4. If you have installed XAMPP or MAMP or WAMP, you will have to extract this into the httpdocs folder

  5. After the extraction, point your browser to url of the public root or the folder where you extracted. Example: Let us say, you have created a folder called porto under the public_html folder (called your web root) . Then you extracted the zip inisde the porto folder.

  6. In that case, your site url would be: Or if you installed in the localhost, then your url will be: http://localhost/porto

  7. This will bring up an Installation wizard. Following the instructions below

  8. Once the extracted file is uploaded in your porto folder you need to access the file throw your brower like below

  9. http://localhost/porto

  10. Just hit the enter then follow the steps

How to change logo?
  1. Go to extensions -> template -> Select your template -> Navigate to Theme tab - > scroll down to see Logo Image option

How to change Theme?
  1. Go to extensions -> template -> Select your template -> Navigate to Theme tab - > scroll down to see Theme color option

Theme Configuration

Homepage Configuration

Once you finish porto template instllation you can easily integrate home pages to your live site by using easy import option

How to set up homepage?
  • Before started to import homepages you need to install sp page builder component in your website. you can find the component file in below path

    Go to your donwnloaded package -> Required_extensions -> Components ->

  • When you finished your page builder installation start import your demo pages

  • you can find the demo pages in following folder

    Go to your Donwnloaded package -> Required_extensions -> Page_builder_demos -> Home_pages -> xyx.json

    Select your home version in above folder path and refer below instruction for import demo datas

  • When finished import data just save and close the settings

Admin Options

Porto Design Panel

About Porto Design Panel
  • Porto come with awesome theme options namely ThemeMagic. you can easily change theme font and color options by using this awesome Thememagic options

    Follow below image instructions to know more about ThemeMagic settings

  • Once you completed your theme options settings works save and close the settings and check front end your changes will be appear in your front end

ThemeMagic Video tutorial

Porto Settings Panel

Mega menu settings

in this section you will learn how to set up mega menu in our porto template

follow the instruction below to have mega menu like our demo

  1. Create your menus first

  2. When your menu's are ready for action follow the instruction below

Mega menu Video tutorials

How to add Google Analytics code?

In this section you will learn how to add google analytics code in our porto joomla template

Watch below video tutorials to know more about google analytics

Video tutorials


JB Easy form maker

In this extensions, you can easily create any type of forms in no time. we have created more video tutorials for form maker just watch the videos to create your own forms

  • Forms are the most essential thing in a website. Either it is a static / Dynamic we need a form to connect our customers with their customers. A well-designed form always plays an epochal role in any website and provides the right aesthetics. We are simplifying your job on incorporating any form easily with the help of our Easy Form Maker.

  • This awesome form builder is exclusive for Joomla lovers. Easy Form maker will make your job easy on building stylish forms. The user-friendly back-end interface allows users to use it easily without any technical knowledge. The drag and drop function helps users in time consuming.

Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive

  • Customizable Layout

  • Countless Fields

  • Native CAPTCHA Supported

  • Unlimited form Creation

  • Multi-Page forms

  • Conditional fields

Video tutorials

Basic settings

Basic mail settings

Text input

Set up text area input in Easy form maker

Set up email field in joomla easy form maker

Set up phone number input in joomla easy forms

Creating checkbox input in joomla easy forms

Creating list input in joomla easy forms

SP Page builder

In this section you will learn how to use sp page builder in our porto tempalte. as you know sp page builder is build by joomshaper developers, you can refer the below resources to learn and getting started with sp page builder

Detailded sp page builder help file is available here

Video tutorials

Note: Please ignore helix3 sections in this video tutorial we are not using helix in our template porto is based on T3 Framework

K2 Blog

In this section you will learn how to use K2 blog section in our porto tempalte. You can refer the below resources to learn and getting started with K2 Blog

Detailded K2 Blog help file is available here

VirtueMart 3

VirtueMart is an Open Source E-Commerce solution (a Component or Plug-in) for the Joomla! Content Management System. It can be run as a Shopping Cart, or in Catalog mode. in this section you will learn how to install and configure VirtueMart 3 in porto tempalte

Detailded K2 Blog help file is available here

VirtueMart Video tutorials

Revolution Slider

Complete slideshow configuration help file will be available in this below link, kindly use this resource and learn it eaisly. if you need any assistance feel free to contact is any time.

Detailded Revolution slider help file is available here

JB Smart portfolio

in this section you will learn how to Configure jb smart slider in our porto template

follow the instruction below to configure portfolio sections in our demo

  1. Find the jb smart portfolio component in your downloaded file component folder

  2. When the component is ready, Install it via joomla extension installar

  3. When Category, Tags, Skills are created navigate to items tab to create new portfolio items

  4. Below images will help you to create new portfolio items in porto theme


Support & Customization

Thanks for using Porto Joomla Theme!

We would like to thank you for using Porto Joomla Theme! We are very pleased you have chosen Porto Joomla for your website, we always provide best support for our customers, you can confirm it from our themeforest review rating - top 1 in themeforest!

If you have any difficulities with Porto Joomla Theme or need any additional service, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide 24/7 Support!

Regarding presale questions and free support for theme usage, please contact us through themeforest support page. We will provide you amazing one-by-one email support and you will get answers more faster than you expected. We also provide support in weekends, but may require some more hours than normal working days.

Regarding customization service based on our themes or other magento related, please contact us to We have an amazing team to provide customization service who have done bunch of customization projects so far, will provide you reasonable quote before start.

Free Support for Questions and Issues

Need Support? click here

Customization Service(additional cost)

Change Log

Version 1.0.0 (01/01/2017)
Version 1.1 Release (2/26/2017)

- Shop version 1
- Shop version 2
- Added shop Grid view
- Added shop List view
- Page builder version 2.5 updated

- Portfolio layout
- Created date layout issue fixed
- Related items layout issue fixed
- Responsive issues
Version 1.2 Release (3/14/2017)

- Shop version 3.
- Shop version 4.
- Added porto image slider addon for SP Page Builder.
- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to version 2.4
- T3 plugin updated to version 2.6.3


- K2 Blog created date in list view shows wrong date issue.
- Portfolio page testimonials section shows when disable in backend issue.
- Portfolio page live preview arrows shows when disable in backend issue.
Version 1.2.1 Release (3/19/2017)

Shop version 5.
Shop version 6.
SP Page Builder (pro) updated to version 2.4.1


Virtuemart product slider responsive issue fixed.
Easy Form maker Google Recaptcha issue fixed.
Version 1.2.2 Release (4/13/2017)

Updated Finance demo
Updated Photography demo
Added porto team advanced addon for SP Page Builder.
Updated SP Page Builder(pro) version 2.4.2
Updated Virtuemart version 3.2.1
Updated Easy form maker version  1.2.0

Micro map page builder addon map location issue fixed
Buy now button redirection issue in hotel demo fixed
Improved CSS
Version 1.2.3 Release (4/30/2017)

-Updated Joomla version 3.7
-Updated Smart portfolio component latest version
-Updated Hotal reservation component latest version

- Portfolio Component item Save & Close issue fixed.
- Hotal reservation Component item Save & Close issue fixed.